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  • JiMMy Panchee Pick Bird Food for Cockatiel 9.6kg
JiMMy Panchee Pick Bird Food for Cockatiel 9.6kg

JiMMy Panchee Pick Bird Food for Cockatiel 9.6kg

Rs. 3,680.00 Rs. 2,499.00

Panchee pick ingredients: yellow millet, amaranth seed, white millet, striped sunflower seed, corn flour,  millet, niger seed, flax seed, wheat flour, alfalfa meal, safflower seed. Introducing an improved food: for  better digestion it is best to introduce your pet bird to the improved food over 10 days period, as birds do not accept to sudden change in their food. First 3 days feed a mix 3/4 of current food and 1/4 of  panchee pick bird food. Next 3 days feed a mix 1/2 of current food and 1/2 of panchee pick bird food.   Next 3 days feed a mix 3/4 of panchee pick bird food and 1/4 of current food. From the 10th day you can   feed only panchee pick bird food to your pet bird.

  • PREMIUM SEED MIX : A Balanced diet for your cockatiel, Panchee Pick, Bird feed cocktail bird food maintains ideal health.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION : Panchee Pick cockatiel food contains nutritious blend bird food for cockatiel & maintains ideal growth
  • SUPPORTS FEATHER & SKIN: Panchee Pick cockatiel bird seed contains flaxseed which supports feather & skin health of birds as they are fortified with Omega-3 & with several important vitamins & minerals.
  • RICH BLEND: Panchee Pick bird food for cockatiel is a 100% Natural birds feed
  • PROVIDE COMPLETE NUTRITION : Panchee Pick cockatiel food maintains a balanced diet with premium quality ingredients.
  • GET THE BEST FOR YOUR BIRDS: Panchee Pick, bird food for cockatiel improve immune system, overall health, feather & skin health and maintains a balanced diet
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