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JiMMyPetProducts.Com is an online store which is named after our beloved pet. As a pet parent we know that pets mean world to us. We started our brand JiMMy Pet Products in the year 2009

and in this short period, we have been able to garner a huge customer base due to our commitment towards quality, customer satisfaction and customization of products. We at JiMMyPetProducts.Com have enormous range of products for the choosy pet owners, here at JiMMyPetProducts.Com we assure you best quality products for your pets, we have different sizes and packing of various products according to your need. As a manufacturer we are able to provide wide range of products which are the current need of market in less time at a competitive price. We work towards providing best customer service for pet owners. We are one stop shopping destination for those pet parents who have a complete pet family. While the pet industry is drastically emerging as a new market. In such a scenario, we are working towards providing all pet products under one platform. At JiMMyPetProducts.Com you can explore a whole new array of Cat litter, food products, grooming and many more products for different pets like Cats, Dogs, Birds, Wild Birds and other small pets like Guinea Pigs, Rabbits & Hamster.

We at JiMMyPetProducts.Com provide our esteemed customers a wide range for bentonite cat litter with various packing sizes from 5 Kg to 25 kg packs available in various fragrance and unscented cat litters. We also have three different granule sizes of cat litter namely Bold (4 MM - 2 MM ) Fine(2 MM - 0.8 MM ) and Standard (4 MM - 0.8 MM )  We also manufacture ball shaped cat litter. We provide unique grooming product Dry Bath shampoo powder for cats and kittens which can be applied gently and it doesn’t require water.

If you are found of minimal like Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Hamster here you can find variety of food, treat, hay, bedding and grooming products for your small pets. At JiMMyPetProducts.Com you can find wide variety of bird food for Budgies, Lovebirds, Finch, Cockatiel, Macaw, Parrot at a market leading price available in different variants and bulk packing. We have exotic range of high-quality seeds which birds enjoy.

To be a pet parent it requires special attention and time, feeding a bird can be simple and easier as placing a feeder full of seed in your yard and waiting for wild birds to find it and enjoy the birds view and chirping in your balcony, windows, back yard and gardens. We provide comprehensive range of wild bird foods and seeds for wild birds.

JiMMyPetProducts.Com is managed by a team of professional E-Commerce experts, who work toward creating positive customer satisfaction and a hassle-free buying experience, As Customer satisfaction being the core motive our highly experienced sales and distribution network has covered all most all parts of India ensures timely supply and delivery at doorstep of all our products offering perpetual support to customer, retailers, vets and breeders.