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JiMMy Dora Diet food for Rabbit 400 gm

JiMMy Dora Diet food for Rabbit 400 gm

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JiMMy Dora Diet Pellet Food for Rabbit. Ingredients: sun-cured oat hay, ground oats, ground wheat, ground barley, safflower, dried pumpkin, ground green split peas, grass meal, dried carrots, wheat middling ,sunflower extract meal, ground sorghum, alfalfa meal, calcium carbonate, ground flax seed, ground maize, barley hulls, dried banana, fruit flavor, raisins, cane molasses, soy oil, dried beetroot, sesame seed, citric acid, fenugreek. Introducing a food: for better digestion it is best to introduce your pets to the food over 10 days period, as pets do not accept to sudden change in their food. First 3 days feed a mix 3/4 of current food and 1/4 of food. Next 3 days feed a mix 1/2 of current food and 1/2 of food. Next 3 days feed a mix 3/4 of food and 1/4 of current food. From the 10th day you can feed only food to your pet.

  •  BALANCED DIET : Dora Diet rabbit food is a high-quality mix that contains all-natural fiber, protein & complete nutrition of whole grain, also contains high in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good fat that reduce cholesterol. It helps in improving energy and general health.
  • EASY TO DIGEST : Dora Diet food for rabbit is easy to digest contains sun cured oat hay & real fruits, real vegetables, natural seeds, grains in pellet form, a premium pellets for rabbit.
  • PROMOTES DENTAL HEALTH : Dora Diet rabbit food are high quality pellets for rabbits which promotes dental health.
  • PROMOTS SHINY COAT : Dora Diet pellets for rabbits is powered with flaxseed which helps to improve the shine of the hair & very helpful for weight maintenance. Flaxseeds also contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.
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