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Jimmy No Fleas & Ticks Powder for Dog 300 gm

Jimmy No Fleas & Ticks Powder for Dog 300 gm

Rs. 598.00 Rs. 369.00

JiMMy No Fleas & Ticks is based on Diatomaceous Earth. Ingredients : Diatomaceous Earth & Neem Organic Corn Starch, Calendula, Sweet Almond Oil & Fragrance Caution: For External Use only. Avoid Contact With eyes, Wounds & Cuts Use only for Dogs & Puppies 6 Weeks older. If your pet has an allergic reaction to any of the Ingredients, please consult your veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children. How to use: Just massage the powder into fur and skin for deep penetration. Rub with a cloth or a brush thoroughly. Wash your hands before & after use. Leave the powder for 3-4 days repeat the process for 4 -5 time for Complete effect.

  • Based on Diatomaceous Earth & Neem
  • Safe for all types of Dogs
  • Non Toxic & No Chemical Additives
  • Kills Fleas & Ticks Naturally
  • Fleas & Ticks die due to dehydration
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